crazy (ing) in wind screen

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crazy (ing) in wind screen

Postby MarkinNam » Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:20 am

here are some tech details for those interested in removing acrylic crazing, ... razing.pdf Mine was pretty badly crazed, so I did some research, the thermal method work for surface crazing but not the deep stuff, 1 chap on the boat forum suggested chloroform but looking at how that affects it I wouldn't recommend it. I did use a small blow torch after sanding back with 400 grit w/ dry , the effect was pretty good, BUT,,,, PROCEED WITH EXTREME!!!!!! CAUTION as lingering in 1 place too long will RUIN your screen I WOULDN'T TRY AGAIN. the search for the grail continues.. this looks like something worth trying on some samples,
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