New VTR owner checking in. Hopefully plans not sacrilege.

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New VTR owner checking in. Hopefully plans not sacrilege.

Postby TheRadBaron » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:36 pm

Hello everyone. I'm a new VTR250 owner although it happened somewhat by accident. I was recently cruising the isles at the AMCA swap meet in Wauseon, Ohio when I came across a thoroughly thrashed little VTR for sale for quite cheap. I'd seen these bikes around before and always admired them but never really sought one out. But when I saw this one without any bodywork I still liked the lines of it and the shape of the tank (not to mention the quirky front wheel). The condition of the bike didn't inspire much confidence that it would be a good project. The carbs were gone, the bike had obviously sat outside for a period of time, and since the intakes point straight up I imagined that the motor was a loss.
However, this got my gears turning. I've always been a sucker for '90s 2-stroke sportbikes and I've always wanted to make one by putting a 250 2T motocross motor into a small, light, sporty, street chassis. So I bought the little VTR with this intention.
Next, I bought a nice 2001 Honda CR250R MX'er with a locked up motor for $500. The bottom end had gotten some water in it and the crank was seized. Top end looks good. Took out the motor, carb, CDI, etc., and sold the chassis for $700! It'll take a bit of money to rebuild the motor's bottom end but not too much, really.
I probably won't get started on the project in earnest for a while. I have a few other things to finish before I start another one, including a '93 VFR750 that I REALLY like.
I'm happy that I found a Honda motor to use for the swap. I was prepared to use any late model 250 MX motor that I found but keeping it all Honda is much preferred. '01 was reputed to be a pretty good year for the CR250 motor, too. So it will still be a 250cc Honda when it's all said and done. I think I'll call it the..... VCR250! For that final touch of '90s cheese...
I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. Anyone need any motor parts? The motor is complete other than the carbs and it's not locked up. I think there's some debris in the cylinders because it doesn't turn all the way over but the side covers are good, etc. Exhaust seems to be solid. I'm in central Illinois. I'd love to sell the whole lump of a motor for cheap, or I'll part it out for cheap, too.
I'm sure I'll be needing a few odds and ends but right now the main thing I'm looking for is a left side footpeg and mount. Anyone here in USA have one they'd sell? Or maybe trade for some motor parts?
First picture is the CR250R donor bike and the second is the VTR as I bought it.
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Re: New VTR owner checking in. Hopefully plans not sacrilege

Postby Murdo1 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:06 am

Welcome, should be an interesting project for you.
I have made roadies out of a couple of old MX bikes (one a Maico 400) and once you overcome the lighting issue the close ratio gears can be a pain.
Good luck with it.
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Re: New VTR owner checking in. Hopefully plans not sacrilege

Postby Spoot5 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:37 pm

Keep us abreast of the VCR project!
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