SuperTrapp plates?

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SuperTrapp plates?

Postby Tom Duncan » Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:17 pm

I got my VTR with a SuperTrapp muffler on it and it has a number of the plates on the back. I have seen a few VTR's with the SuperTrapp installed so perhaps it was a common fix for rusted out mufflers back in the day. I am familiar with the SuperTrapp concept and how one can fiddle with the plates for back pressure and tuning and such but do have to wonder about not having a wide open hole at the back. On the other hand the bike runs fine so I am inclined to leave it alone. I suppose what I should do is read a plug the way it is, then pull the plate assembly off and run it, compare how it runs and then do another plug check.

Anyone have any direct experience with the SuperTrapp on our VTR's before I go through all that?

Tom Duncan
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Re: SuperTrapp plates?

Postby John Hilmer » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:05 pm


I'm not going to be much help regarding the familiarity with that muffler, I have no experience with it.

You are on the right track though as I see it.

It seems that you are familiar with doing a plug read after a throttle chop and I would encourage you to do this.

The majority of the back pressure in these exhaust system is generated by the collector not the muffler. If you still have the factory collector the baffles on the muffler will only make small changes.

Of course the intake side is also part of this equation as it affects the flow to the cards, and you didn't mention if this is modified.

The CV carbs and all of their internals are engineered for all stock components. Changing these bits opens up a world of complexities that are nearly endless and often hurt the performance.

This entire system needs to be balanced because the CV, Constant Velocity, carbs depend upon a constant velocity of flow.

Yeah, I know, you probably already knew all of this, but I wanted to type it for anyone that might read through this thread.

I'll be looking forward to seeing other inputs and how thing evolve.

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Re: SuperTrapp plates?

Postby Bronco638 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:41 am

My experience, with Supper Trapps, is with race cars. However, we were trying to figure out the most baffle plates we could run so as not to exceed the sound limits (of the track) and didn't much are about tuning.

That said, we used to notice that when there weren't enough baffles that they would turn black (running rich). So, we would add baffles and adjust the (Holley) carb until they ran tan (this is with CAM2 Purple 114 - now Sunoco Standard 110 - race fuel). Like John said, the plug reading will be the true indicator but you can also keep an eye on the color of the baffles, too. Don't worry about no "hole in the end". They flow plenty of exhaust. I'm willing to bet that you could run zero baffles (open muffle end) and the bike wouldn't be that loud.
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