A group

Just because a guy has a high rating doesn't mean you always get what you ask for.

A group

Postby John Hilmer » Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:22 pm


There is also a group that I have to list. These are folks that have been straight with me over the long haul as you might expect.

Dave, Bronco638. No surprise here as he is a Moderator.

Chris, Walth, also a moderator that I owe big time and he has infinite patience.

Macmorgan, newer but belongs here.

Brian, Dr.Nurse, is becoming a good friend and a trusted person.

I'm sure that I have missed some that I have dealt with. If I missed you and you would like credit here, please remind me of our transaction. I apologize for not picking up on our business relationship if I missed you.

This part of the forum is only going to be useful if we all contribute.

My request to Ralph to provide this and my lack of attention to it has led to not much activity here.

Please contribute and keep this active as you interact with others here.

If you encounter a problem and it seems that things are going wrong, please contact either Chris, Dave or myself before posting a negative here. We want to avoid confrontation on the board.

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