Fuel spilling out of motor

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Fuel spilling out of motor

Postby boomtank » Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:06 pm

So I go to start the bike and it just doesn't sound right. ;) I give it a bit of choke and roll the throttle. It has been sitting for about a week. It spits and sputters a few times, typical for it sitting, then fires up but rough. A few seconds latter fuel is spewing all over. :o
After looking around it seems to be coming out of the overflow from the charcoal box. Also the oil is foaming with the smell of fuel. :?
First time this has ever happened to me. I think I seen a post about this, but couldn't find it. I'm hoping that a carb rebuild, petcock, and oil change works. Any help here guys?
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Re: Fuel spilling out of motor

Postby squirrelman » Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:47 pm

most likely a leaking float needle or float bowl gasket. sometimes a bowl gasket will swell up with exposure to fuel and...........fix itself ! :lol:

could also be a bad O-ring on the fuel "Y" tube.

check your oil level cuz if fuel got into the crankcase, you'll need to change the oil after fixin the dripping problem. :oops:
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