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Postby klackle » Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:51 pm

been super busy again, so i haven't been able to update you guys. I really have not gotten much done in the last week.
Painted the front brake pieces i primed last weekend, got a key for the ignition i bought made, got the gas cap key made, and got random things in the mail.
Owners Manual i ordered is in almost perfect condition, even has the mailer in the middle still.
Planned on doing a bunch this week after the jobs but apparently is Tropical Depression time over here, so the weather blows.
Y'all i went from having a bike missing so much crap its not funny to having something thats so damn close to being 100% original.
Need to get this project done, i need to sell the ruckus and a yamaha morphous.
I have to draw the line with the ruckus, iv put way to much money into the thing since bought it brand new in 2013.
I accomplished 70mph which was my goal and the thing was sooo nice until i plowed my friends 18wheeler at the track.
Still have no memory of that haha.
The morphous was a project that never took off since it would of been to difficult to import the custom parts i needed.
Once i get those to items out of my life, its time to start on the DRIFT CAR!!! haha
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