Finaly bought my dream bike: 1991 CBR250RR

This is for any other bike that is NOT an 88-90 VTR 250.

Re: Finaly bought my dream bike: 1991 CBR250RR

Postby the benz master » Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:05 pm

hard, not that much but time consuming, yes. But that depends on your description of hard.

1- change bearings (and the top replacement bearing's outer race had to be ground 1mm, from 48mm od to 47mm od)
lower bearing is the original one form the ZX10 and top one is from a ninja 250. Top bearing nut is also from the ninja 250.

2- custom stem bearing shaft pressed in the lower clamp

3- fit steering stops on the lower clamp (drill and tap 2 holes, and bolt in a round spacer)

4- clearance the inner fairing to clear the lower triple clamp

5- Make custom handlebars or top clamp or buy adjustable handlebars... i'm going for the custom top clamp because i wanted to keep the original ignition switch... but i could have just got the ZX-10 ignition switch and fit the wires and buy adjustable handlebars. The ZX10 clip-ons are too far forward and the clutch perch hits the speedo when it's positioned properly.

I had to do some more work to fit a Z-1000 wheel on the fork because i did not have the zx-10 wheel but that was easy, i just had to machine 2 spacers
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