1986 VF500F

This is for any other bike that is NOT an 88-90 VTR 250.

1986 VF500F

Postby Guaire » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:59 am

Hello again, everyone!
I had sold my VTR250. The riding position was the reason.
I bought an '84 VF500F and I had to sell it for financial reasons. Since then, 2012, I retired and now a I a limited but steady income. Recently, I bought an '86 Interceptor -- a VF500F, down in Harrisonburg, VA. I live in Arlington, VA, northern VA.
This was a special forum for me and now I'm back, sort of!
While I was around, I saw some restoration of the 500 Interceptor that was exceptional. I'm just glad I have one of these excellent bikes again!!!!
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Re: 1986 VF500F

Postby squirrelman » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:24 pm

you already know about that bike's propensity to drop valves if it's revvvvved too much !? :o

Mr. Hilmer does fabulous restos on VFs and has alot of opinions he'd be willing to share. :D

inspect valve clearances and check for any distortion on the top of valve stems. :shock:

Owning a VF500 is alot like gambling, so be careful, and keep another bike reaDY to ride.
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